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Casement Windows

uPVC casement windows and timber windows remain some of our most popular models and options across bespoke projects and beyond. From French casements to aluminium casements and beyond, casement options have always been popular – and as part of our dedication to bespoke projects and modern home improvements throughout our area, we’re pleased to be able to support casements of all shapes and sizes for various rooms in the home.

Timber Windows

Timber windows are hugely popular and we specialise in installing timber replacement windows, ready-made timber windows and more. Bespoke timber windows are, again, some of the most popular choices for our customers and we’re therefore always more than happy to advise on the best looks, the most practical timber window installation and more.

Sash Windows

Sash windows are one of the most requested windows for domestic properties in the UK. By fitting our double-glazed sash windows, we are able to provide you with a window that can retain the heat, be aesthetically pleasing while at the same keep the style of your property. We find that sash windows are the ideal option for period properties but can also look great on modern properties as they are designed for modern life.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Both functional and attractive, tilt & turn windows are a top option for homes owners. Tilt & turn windows are great at bringing the natural light and fresh air into the home. With their easy to clean and simple to use qualities, tilt & turn windows are able to suit most modern homes.

All that is required is a simple quarter turn of the handle, and the top will open to provide ventilation. Turn it halfway, and the window will open fully to make it easy for cleaning. Our tilt and turn windows are very low maintenance with no treatment needed which is down to their highly durable uPVC material.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are the perfect option if you are looking to create a really stunning feature in a room. Not only do they add value, but they also bring much light into your property. So why not enjoy the panoramic views that a stunning bay window can provide for your property. At Creative Windows we have much experience fitting doors and windows in Surrey and London and we’ll be able to install something special into your home.




uPVC Doors

uPVC doors provide many benefits to your home. We understand that every customer wants a door that not only provides security and is durable but also looks great on the outside and in too. One positive that stands out for many customers is that uPVC is energy efficient. The insulation within the door makes it possible to retain the cool air in the summer and keep the heat in the winter months. Not only will this save you money, but you will also reduce your carbon footprint.


Composite Door

There are many benefits to choosing composite doors for your home. Composite doors are strong and durable due to their strong outer frame and insulating foam core. This composition gives it strength while also providing thermal insulation.

One of the biggest reasons why composite doors are so popular is that they don’t require any maintenance. No need to worry about repainting them, our composite doors won’t fade, warp or crack — the perfect option for those hunting for stunning doors all year round. Get in touch with us if you are looking windows and doors in Surrey and London and our specialists will be happy to help you.

Bi-Fold Doors

A bi-folding door is an excellent option for anyone looking to bring the outside closer, these doors allow large openings with countless number of designs. The huge glass doors allow for the natural light to flow straight into your home making it appear larger and much brighter. At Creative Windows, our bi-fold doors are made to measure. Therefore, there is no need to worry about what size you need. We will measure and install a stunning bi-fold door into your property for you to enjoy straight away.

We provide double glazed bi-fold doors which is ideal for keeping warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer within the home. Our bi-fold doors are engineered with excellence in mind and can be folded to one end to allow an opening of up to 9m. The frames and door panels are incredibly strong due to their foldable properties and will last for many years. All our doors are designed to glide open and close effortlessly while reducing the amount of outside noise. 

French Doors

If you are looking for a more sophisticated entrance for your property, why not choose French doors. With their stunning qualities, they work on almost any style of home. Traditionally, these were found mostly in period homes, but in the recent years, French doors have become more popular than ever, especially in modern homes. French doors and patio doors are traditionally used in much the same way. They encourage more natural light and increase the space indoors as well as bringing the garden closer.

Patio Doors

Patio doors are ideal for bringing in much light in the summer months within the property, giving an illusion of a larger room. Even in the winter, the garden can still be enjoyed from the warmth of the home due to the large glass panels. Depending on the size of your property, you have the option to decide whether you want 2, 3 or 4 panels.







Victorian Conservatories

The Victorian conservatory is one of the most popular conservatory designs, largely due to the fact that it will complement most building styles. Victorian conservatories are also easy to add onto buildings, especially those with limited space available, making them a convenient choice. They do however remain a popular choice for those with large gardens too, especially as they make a beautiful feature from the exterior of the building. 

Georgian Conservatories

The Georgian conservatory is the ideal choice for many period homes, but also modern houses too. Being rectangular in shape, it can lend itself to fitting many buildings and forming continuity with their period and style. There are also many aspects that can be customised to your taste, enabling you to tie it in with your property as a whole.


Gable Conservatories

Gable conservatories are grand extensions that give a great feeling of height and space, thanks to the sloping roof. The Gable conservatory with the high roof stands tall and proud, coming initially from Georgian architecture and the exotic orangeries from around this time. Whether you add this type of conservatory onto a period home or new property, it will undoubtedly add grandeur. 

Bespoke Conservatories

As well as the range of pre-designed conservatories we provide, we also have a bespoke service that enables you to specify dimensions, shapes, glazing and any decorative finishes you desire. This is a wonderful option for unusual shaped buildings and spaces as they will be especially designed for you, whether you are looking to make more space, more light or be more energy efficient.


A garden room is an ideal office space, studio or storage facility. However, it is also an opportunity for creating a granny flat, man cave or she-shed. A garden room is exactly what it says it is, an extra room, but in your garden. This isn’t only suitable however for those with a massive garden. Small garden rooms are just as popular and useful and can create liveable space from the land you own which isn’t even utilised.


An orangery is something that can be enjoyed all year round, in ways in which a garden cannot be. It is very similar to a conservatory, orangeries are a more modern form of extension with double glazed or a lantern roof which allows natural light to flood in to the room below. They are built with full sized brick walls which are fitted with windows and doors. Whatever you are looking for we are here to help you find the best one that works for you and your family.





At Creative Windows, we have been installing striking skylights into properties for many years. By adding skylights onto your roof, you are not only increasing the amount of natural light entering your property, but you are also improving the ventilation within your home. We have a wide range of roof lights available to you depending on your requirements.

Our fixed flat glass roof lights provide a view to the outside. Commonly, these are found in unreachable areas where an opening is not needed. Not only this but there is no visible frame within the glass area, so the design appears to look much more polished.

For something a bit different, choose our walk-on flat glass roof lights installation service at an affordable cost. These roof lights create a dramatic effect within the home while also illuminating dark rooms from above. The perfect option if you want to enhance the amount of natural light in any desired room.

Roof skylights mainly fit best on flat roofs. However, they can be attached to certain types of pitched roofs. Many homeowners have reservations about flat roof lights due to rainwater. Fear not! With our expert glazing qualities, our rooflights are designed to be watertight to ensure that no water enters the building for many years. In addition, they are built on a slight angle to allow the rainwater to run-off easily.

If you are looking for rooflights, windows or doors in Surrey and South London, let Creative Windows take care of your needs.





Are you looking to add a balustrade into your home? Or perhaps you wish to replace your balcony. At Creative Windows we have years of experience building durable, long-lasting balconies and balustrades that will add functionality and beauty into your home.




By ordering a canopy from Creative Windows, you can really transform both the use and the appearance of your home exterior. Building a canopy onto the outside of your property covers many purposes depending on the style you choose; go for something along the length of the house (American porch style), or something small at the front or back door. This is an excellent way to help protect patio furniture, children’s outdoor toys, and provide practical cover when either socialising on the patio, or doing a bit of DIY.

We will make your canopy to measure, designing something with you to suit both your taste and your budget, and can cater to awkward sizes of property canopies no problem. We are expert glazers, and have an excellent reputation for installing windows, doors, conservatories and more. All our staff are qualified and fully experienced, allowing us to deliver the highest standard of work to your home or property.


Having a carport installed by Creative Windows can really transform the practical use of your outside space, especially if you don’t have a garage, or room for one. A carport is a really useful addition to the exterior of your home, and is a solution that many people opt for when they don’t have a garage, and either don’t want to build one, or don’t have the space to.

By getting a carport made to measure and professionally fitted to your property, you will be able to protect your car from much of the rain, snow and harsh sun, but you will not have to commit to building a garage. Garages are permanent structures which many people aren’t keen on if they block access to the back of their home. However, there are homes that have both garages and carports, and both have their own benefits.




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If you would like to book a no consultation obligation for conservatories, windows and doors in Surrey and London, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Creative Windows.


We provide a comprehensive range of PVC fascias, bargeboards, claddings and decorative roofline products to enhance the beauty of your property. We offer a range of coloured products to match perfectly with the style and décor of your property.


Our guttering comes in round-line or square-line uPVC, with matching down pipes. All our rainwater products are maintenance free for a wipe clean finish and are available in white, brown and black as standard.


Our soffits are made to complement your guttering and bargeboards. Made from durable and heavy duty uPVC, this means no more painting and constant upkeep.


Our durable cladding products are available in a variety of colours and will provide a lifetime of no maintenance.


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